Our Team

CEO & Founder

Dr. Okenna Otiji

CEO & Founder
We entered the Enugu health service landscape with the altruistic idea to work in collaboration with and to support the existing services, facilities and caregivers, So that together we can share our expertise to empower our client families. We remain true to this statement of intent to this day as we endeavour to pull resources together to achieve one goal. ; Healthier, happier families in Enugu.

Dr. Oma Otiji.

Medical Director & Co-founder
We endeavour to ensure efficient and effective Healthcare delivery through providing a holistic medical practice from the standpoint of our clients. POSH provides a one stop, comprehensive and quality health care in a convenient, compassionate and cost-effective manner. compassion: We provide a soothing environment that is conducive to the healing of our clients physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Management Team